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Three Seashells - Action/Written

[Ariel's closet is getting ridiculously full. With every piece of clothing that got dirty, she got a new one rather than washing it, because the washing machine was a mystery that she couldn't figure out and didn't really want to figure out. But forty dresses and other such things in her closet? This is a little too much.

So, Ariel's in the back of the kitchen where the washer and dryer are, and she's got a frown and a squint on her face as she leans to try to figure this out. The clothes go in... here, right? Right. That's the only place they can go. And then... This detergent stuff goes in with them. How much goes in...?

Surely, the more that goes in, the cleaner it'll be, right?



Twenty minutes later, the entire first floor and even the bottom of the stairs of Community Housing 4 is absolutely covered with soap suds. Ariel's by the entrance of the kitchen, on her knees and trying desperately to get the bubbles back into the kitchen. It's... mostly a futile effort, so she holds her hair with both hands, unaware that she just got bubbles in it, and then she slides across the suds to get to her journal on the counter.

The image shows her looking off to the side awkwardly, before she smiles widely and writes. She's... trying to be innocent, like she did nothing wrong, but... ahaha...]

Does How Could someone tell me how the clothing cleaner works? Is that what it's called?

And [...] how to clean up a lot of [...] bubbles?
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--a few more adjustments and it should... Hmm?

[Ginji's heading out of his apartment and tucking a wrench back into his tool belt when he encounters...bubbles! Slick floor! Not what he expected!! Fortunately, the freezing rain taught him a thing or two, and he manages to catch himself before he falls flat on his back.]

[But a sudsy floor is never a good thing, and it could cause some real trouble (and possible injuries) if it isn't cleaned up. So did the washing machine break down? Ginji checks the hallway and then makes his way into the kitchen where, as expected, the appliance is oozing foam.]

Oh, uh... [Wow, what a mess!] Do you need some help?
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[Ginji just smiles back - he's kind of at a loss on what to say. It's not his place to get mad, but this mess should probably be cleaned up as soon as possible, huh?]

Haha... This is the first time I've seen anything quite like this happen before. Do you mind if I take a look at it? [Ginji gestures towards the washing machine, and is already on his way to check things out.]

Turning it off would probably be a good place to start.
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[The weather outside is frightful, but the floor is not delightful...

...which is basically what Rise thinks about the current situation at hand. She's taken a while longer to slog through the flood of suds since she has to put her bag somewhere dry first but it doesn't take her long. In fact, she'll just enter the kitchen when Ginji comments about turning it off.

Oh! Company.]
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[Ginji glances up. More help? That'd be good. Really good, since there's no way he...um, well. It'd be kind of weird to try helping them fish girl's clothes out of the washing machine. And women can get touchy about that sort of thing, so he's heard.]

Oh, hello. You're Rise, right? [He remembers her from the Welcome Center.] Sorry about the mess...

[Well, the other girl hasn't said a word, so he might as well apologize on her behalf. He turns his head back in the direction of the machine to see that Ariel has turned the knob and cut the power.]

That's right. I don't think there's really anything wrong with the machine - it's just been overloaded. But before we do anything else, we should probably find a way to start cleaning up all this mess.
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[Well, stopping the machine is a start. Rise's careful enough to maintain her smile as she inspects the area with a critical eye. No mops, but that bucket over there at the side might do for storing water.]

We might need a couple of mops...
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Maybe more than a couple. [Just maybe.]

[Ginji's shifting into problem-solving mode, and unfortunately it's going to involve quite a few "ifs". Sheridan has never thrown out an idea because it's been too crazy.]

If we could somehow route the water outside, it might save us time. Or...if we had one of those big vacuum cleaners that can suck up fluids. [What were they called again? Something-Vac.]

Anyway, there are some mops in my apartment down the hall. I can bring more buckets, too.

[He turns his attention to Ariel.] And you might want to try to save your clothes. I'm not sure what you have in there, but I've heard they can shrink up and stuff if you aren't careful.